Friday, October 28, 2011

Sea of Possibilities

So there you are, in your little boat, bobbing along in the middle of a vast, seemingly endless ocean.

Some days the wind catches your sails and scoots you along, making your journey easy and effortless. It doesn’t even seem like work as you breezily skip across the water, enjoying the salt air and sunshine.

Most days, however, your progress doesn’t come that easy. More likely, it depends on you sticking your oars in the water and rowing for all you are worth.

And some days the waves will push you away from where you want to go. That doesn’t seem quite fair, I know, but the ocean makes its own rules.

And every day, you’ll have to decide…

Should I turn back?

Am I content going nowhere?

Will I give in?

Right now, it may seem that your goal is forever-and-a-day away. You’re lost and alone and the challenge ahead of you seems so large and intimidating.

But remember this: you had the courage and commitment to strike out to sea. You crossed huge hurdles and passed through severe storms.

You’ve made it this far.

Spotting dry land may take months, may take years, but if the course you’ve plotted is true, then one day –– and maybe one day soon –– you’ll make it to where you’re headed and be strengthened by the experience all the more.

Your hopes, your dreams, your goals… they’re out there, within grasp if you power through and persevere. Each day that you keep pushing forward, each day that you stay pointed in the right direction... well, it's one day closer to your goal.

Bon voyage.

“A ship in port is safe, but that's 
not what ships are built for.”

–Grace Hopper


  1. Thanks I needed that post today.

  2. So brilliant, as always. Thank you for this, Jack.

  3. so true. but one thing I realized recently, is that most people never stop to look back on what they have actually achieved.
    Progress and goals are important, but if you are too focused on what you have not just achieved, it just puts you down.
    Maybe when hitting the next storm we should stop for a second, look back where we started and take motivation from how far we have actually come already - to gather strength to keep swimming to the next shore...

  4. This is really timely for me cos I've been on a weight loss program, during the first round (12wks) of which I lost about 20kg, but am really struggling this next round.

    You're right... I've made it this far (25kg down), and I really (REALLY REALLY) don't want to turn around and head back to shore yet.




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