Friday, October 14, 2011

Regrettable Comments I’ve Left on Weight Loss Blogs

Have you ever left a comment on somebody’s weight loss blog, and then immediately thought “Oh, maybe that wasn’t the right thing to say?” And then you were going to erase it and write something more sensible, but then your daughter Pisa calls you at the office and tells you to bring home popsicle sticks for a project she’s working on so you gotta spend the rest of the day eating popsicles even when you’re not really that hungry and the Popsicle Dude only had lime popsicles after you chased him all the way down the street yelling “Whoa! Stop! Popsicle Dude!” Yeah, me too.
  • “You’ve come a long way, Fatty.”
  • “Maybe your mom hates you.”
  • “Your kid sure is funny-looking.”
  • “If anything, it looks like you’ve gained weight.”
  • “Maybe they fired you because you were incompetent.”
  • “That haircut is hideous.”
  • “Wow, your daughter’s smokin’. What’s her email address?”
  • “That dish looks like somebody threw up on a plate.”
  • “Jesus… just give up already.”
  • “Maybe he hasn’t called because he’s been in a car accident.”
  • “Just do everything your husband says and your marriage will be fine.”
  • “Have you ever heard of “spelcheck,” stupid?
  • “I lose more than that when I break wind.”
  • “Will you please quit talking about 'losing a stone'? I don’t even know what that means…”
  • “Who designed your blog… a sea-sick chimpanzee?”
  • “You deserve a reward. How about a pan of warm brownies and a glass of whole milk?”
  • “Gain because of TOM? Riiiiiiiiiiiight.”
  • “LOL at your cancer story.”
Now be sure and leave me a comment today... but think about it before you do.


  1. Lol @ losing a stone. As my husband says: 'That was careless.' I did think about using stones on my blog. I like them but I know that pretty much only the British use them and everyone else is just confused. Then I went ahead and used them anyway! Great post!

  2. I laughed out loud at the last one. I'm a bad person :(

  3. You are one sick F***! Hysterical.

  4. I have to think about this post before writing it? I'm outta here!

  5. “Jesus… just give up already.”


  6. I LOL'd in the bus with the “LOL at your cancer story” one. See you in hell, you sickf***.

  7. I totally laughed at the cancer one, too. Oh, and you really did leave "maybe your mother hates you" on my blog once.

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  12. OK may be I wanna right this one at times:
    “That dish looks like somebody threw up on a plate."



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