Monday, April 30, 2012

Outdoor Workout

So, usually I refrain from during yardwork because 
I don't want to get too tired for my workout.

"Do you not see how ridiculous that is?" said P.T. (Pecan Tree) Barnum.
"You can get a great workout in right here in your own backyard.
You know what I always say 'There's a sweater born every minute.'"

So I move about 150 logs from where they've been piled up
for three years for create another pile that I'll probably wind up
moving again in another couple of years.

Then I decide to go grapple with Mother Nature for a while. 
How tough can that be; she's a chick!

This is my favorite yardwork tool; 
you may need a tetanus shot just looking at this bad boy.

My wife Anita won't let me use the chainsaw for some reason...

Not impressed with my limb cutting prowess?

How about now? Yeah, that's what I thought!

OMFG! I found a piece of furniture under all that nature!

I can't take any credit for the garden; 
that's Anita's special project.

My daughter Pisa is growing a crop of cherry tomatoes 
that neither of us will ever taste because she plans
to eat them right there in the garden.

"It will never rain roses; 
when we want to have more roses 
we must plant more trees."
–George Eliot 


Pretty sure some of this is water weight, as in 
"Water you doing eatin' so much, jackass?"


  1. I think I saw you on the Friday night Grimm episode! One of those pics proves that! ;-)

    Get back to it Jack! BTW, love your yard!

    1. Not first time somebody said pic of me looked grim...

  2. LOL! What a mind! That was quite an adventure, thank you. :)

    1. It's always an adventure when I get my hands on sharp tools...

  3. Come on over, I'll let ya use your chainsaw, and your mower, or whatever else you need to clean the woodsy area behind my place, lol! Too funny ;)

    1. You missed the point! It's a good workout for you! Why do I even bother...?

  4. I've been having some epic battles with tree-like weeds in my backyard and picking up the mess (the entire old wooden fence!) left leaning on one side of the garage that our handyman left. Could I ever feel that workout!--much worse than working out at the gym.

    :-) Marion

  5. That is exactly what happens with our cherry tomatoes too! I use them to lure the kids into the garden and then I lock them in so they have to hoe their way out:)

  6. A guy who does yardwork sure is cute..that is all I have to say..

    1. Anita says the same thing; sometimes I think she'd prefer me to do yardwork all weekend instead of watch basketball on TV.

  7. Replies
    1. Feel free to stop by anytime and admire it while mowing grass...

  8. Section 137 of the Highways Act 1980 makes it an offence for any person, without lawful authority or excuse, to wilfully obstruct the free passage along a highway. The offence is punishable by a fine of up to £1000, and the courts have the power to order anyone convicted to remove the obstruction. Failure to comply with such an order is a second offence punishable by a fine of up to £5000; and failure to comply with that is a third offence punishable by a fine of up to £250 per day. It'd be cheaper to join a gym. BTW I noticed a few rather odd things in your 'garden' which led to a very disturbing dream last night and I've got a spooky carousel music earworm now thanks to you. That wasn't the worst of it. I wont go into specifics but next time you decide to rip off your t-shirt and growl at me can I have due warning, please?



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