Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Man with a Plan

I’m all farked up.

I mean, I used to write a weigh-in post on Sundays, but now that I’m making my scale report a daily occurrence, I don’t know how to best fill this space (after all, there’s only so many health tips a guy can either exhaustively research or drunkenly make up).

Weighing oneself every day is a clear path to Coo-Coo Town, by the way. You can do every single thing right and still have the scale laugh RIGHT IN YOUR FACE.

You can eat a cupcake and still register a loss. Oh, Satan was on his game the day he invented the scale…

I do have a plan, though it may not have a name or even be the bestest plan a person could undertake. It’s just an Eat Less/Do More plan.

Eat Less because… well, it’s really easy to eat too much.

Do More because… well, it’s really easy to do too little.

I know that some days I’m going to get mixed up and Eat More and Do Less, but the plan is simple enough that most days I should be able to stay pointed in the right direction.

Here’s to having a plan… and following through with it.

Losing weight is easy, if you define "easy" 
as "something that is incredibly difficult."


  1. agreed...

    have a plan, each day is part of the plan,
    and most certainly
    remember that Satan invented the scale

  2. Speaking of scales - the one in my doctor's office is DEFECTIVE! Even though I weigh myself on my own scale just before going for my doctor appointment, by the time I get there her scale registers 4 pounds more. I'm going to insist they have it serviced properly or buy a new one.

  3. Lol. My scale and I are enemies. Good luck with your plan of action :)

  4. I weigh daily and it didn't drive me nuts. But possibly because I already was. Who's to judge?

  5. I've decided I'm focusing on a goal and not on the scale. I'm going to just trust myself that if I'm making good food choices more than not I'll be ok. It's all in the head! You know what to do :)

  6. I found your blog recently and I love it. You are really inspiring. I recently started a weight loss blog too. Would love it if you checked it out.

  7. I found that once I started weighing myself daily, I became less connected to the number and more likely to look at the overall trend downward... ;-)

  8. Weighing daily has taught me a lot about when I lose weight. I don't lose in a straight line, gain mid-cycle, then drop, then gain, then drop. If I drink wine....gain. If I cut out junk....loss. If I exercise....water gain. So on and so forth.

    The scale is a tool. Some days a bastard tool but a tool nonetheless.

  9. I eat less and move more is so easy in theory, but sometimes it's hard to do for me.



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