Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Few More Projects from the Jack Sh*t Labs

• Glute Loops, the breakfast cereal with extra gluten.

• A rowing machine that you can actually take out in the water.

• A wearable multi-vitamin.

• Solar-powered sunglasses that shade your eyes from the sun (waitaminute… is this another one those “gag” projects from Jerry down in Research & Development? That Jerry!)

• Inflatable workout buddy.

• A lip balm that repels chocolate pudding.

• Decaffeinated coffee that still perks you up.

• Pocket-sized elliptical.

• Peanuts made out of cashews (for people with peanut allergies).

• Soup spoon with big hole in it so that you eat less soup.

• Scale that doesn’t silently laugh at you when you step on it.

• Gym bag that automatically converts sweaty clothes into clean, fresh-smelling clothes.

• App that finishes your workout for you.

I am getting kinda tired of this numbah...


  1. Oh Jack, I would love to see that numbah on mah scale! You are blazing a trail for the rest of us, and inspiring me to push harder.
    excuse me while I make a note to self: learn how to take scale apart and switch the numbers.

  2. Your R&D guys are geniuses. When will I be able to buy some Glute Loops?

    1. They've dropped that to marshal all their resources on creating Skim Milk Duds.



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