Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Even More of History’s Greatest Weight-Loss Blogs

• “Mein Karbs” by Adolf Hitler

• “Beam Me Down, Scaley” by William Shatner

• “Weapons of Ass Reduction” by Saddam Hussein

• “It Ain’t Nothin’ Put a Pound, Dawg” by Elvis Aaron Presley

• “The Fat Pack” by Frank S., Dean M. and Sammy Davis, Jr.

• “There You Grow Again” by Ronald Reagan

• “How Much Does An Ear Weigh?” by Vincent Van Gogh

• “Gorilla’d Vegetables” By Jane Goodall

• “Me and Flabby McGee” by Janis Joplin

• “Just The Fats, Ma'am” by Jack (Dragnet) Web

• “Watson, Come Here… I Need a Workout Partner” by Alexander Graham Bell

• “Losing My Weigh” by Amelia Earhart

Get to recycled yesterday's card. Does anybody love the Earth more than me?


  1. Awesome list! If I had a card it would look the same as yesterday's, too. 238.6. I love the scaley tales! :)

    1. Thanks, T. Glad to see you in the blogging biz again. :)

  2. nothing like great blog to read but seriously if i follow anymore on here ill be sitting more and moving less

    1. I understand completely; that's why I'm willing to call and read you my blog each day (for a nominal fee, of course).

  3. Me & Flabby McGee - Lyrics, please. =^..^=

  4. Please, ADD a warning that readers should empty their bladders and not have beverages in their mouths while reading this post. I have coffee up my nose because of "How much does an ear weigh?"

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