Monday, April 2, 2012

I Hate to Make Excuses, But…

• I’m pretty sure that I saw a spider in my running shoes.

• Had coupon for Tootsie Rolls that was about to expire.

• Forced to take elevator at work because the stairs were out of order.

• Last time I was at gym, this lady made me kind of uncomfortable by dressing me with her eyes.

• Starbucks trips necessary because I had too much money in my pocket.

• Couldn’t drink enough water due to fact that it didn’t have any taste.

• NBA and the dude that wrote Game of Thrones keeping me from getting enough sleep.

• Thought I’d grabbed my gym bag, but accidentally picked up bag of barbecue potato chips.

• Read somewhere that red wine is good for your heart, so I’ve been trying to make my heart super-duper healthy.

• The home elliptical that I put together myself emits sparks every time I try to use it.

• Have come down with severe case of Dieter’s Block.

• Turns out my “salad” consisted only of croutons, candy corn and Chex Mix.

• Been spending too much time writing on my blog because I think if people are paying for my best effort, then I need to… huh? What do you mean they’re not paying? When was somebody gonna tell me that? Huh? HUH?


  1. "dressing me with her eyes" - you are the Stephen Corbert of weight loss.

  2. Hey Jack? You're a really funny guy and I really like you.... but, I couldn't help but notice over there -------------------->
    You're closing in on your week 8 weight. Maybe less funny more serious? No?

  3. You noticed that about stairs and water too, hunh?

  4. Glad you mentioned the Tootsie Rolls. I had a Snickers coupon that was about to expire. Got it just in time.



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