Monday, March 19, 2012

Ways to Use Your New iPad 3 to Lose Weight

• Balance iPad on your head while you do 500 lunges.

• Eat salad off of it.

• Improve your 5K time by yelling “Anyone who catches me can have this iPad for free!” as you run through park.

• Download app that fills your spirit with motivation and determination.

• Use it to help you consume more H20; each day, you should strive to drink three iPads worth of water.

• An hour’s worth of playing “Angry Birds” can burn up to 3 calories.

• Keep iPad clenched between your teeth from time you finish dinner until bedtime.

• Reward yourself with a new app every time you don’t eat something unhealthy.

• Invent some kind of doohickey that allows you to hook up iPad to bicycle and recharge it my peddling.

• Hire someone to threaten to drop iPad in toilet if you eat a cupcake.

• Sell your iPad and use money to join nearby gym.


  1. Ha ha ha! My cat uses my iPad 2 for exercise. Check her out here:

  2. New app every time I do not eat something unhealthy??? I will have all the apps pretty soon!

  3. Too funny..Does that mean that if I have the original Ipad, I will have to work 3xs as hard (I don't even know if that makes sense). Thanks for the laugh.

  4. Made me smile :) Especially the one about keeping it clenched between your teeth from dinner until bedtime aka my danger zone. If only that worked!



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