Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm Too Chunky

Here I go
Standing on the scale.
I don’t need to look down to know,
I’m as big as a whale.

Hey, hey, I’m too chunky.

I know that I’ve been monkeyin’ around.

I’ve been too busy chompin’,

To bring those numbers down.

I just eat whatever I want to,
Drink what I like to drink.
But now I know if I wanna weigh less,
I gotta change the way I think.

Hey, hey, I’m too chunky;
I’m tired of just monkeyin’ around.
Time to get busy working,

Turn this whole thing around.

I’m just trying to be healthy;
Come watch me blog and weigh.

This may be a bad situation,
But tomorrow’s gonna be a new day.

Hey, hey, I’m too chunky,
I’m doing something ‘bout it, my friend.

So you had better get ready,

‘Cuz I expect you to join in.

Hey, hey, we’re too chunky!

And maybe we’ve been monkeyin’ around.

But now we’re all busy changin’,

And nothin’s gonna bring us down.


  1. Nice tribute Jack. My kids grew up on the Monkees. Glad you're back on track - you're the best.

  2. What up Jack.

    RIP Davy Jones. Ahh The Monkees - great childhood memories.

  3. Oh Jackie I missed reading your blog!! Glad I am blogging again!

  4. I love this so much. I think I'll memorize it for my elliptical time.



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