Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Fatness

Weekly weigh-in: 251.4

Loss: -.4

Total loss: -40.0

Emotion: Filled with March Madness

I usually spend the month of March on a beer I.V. watching basketball until my eyes roll back in my head and my ass grows numb from lack of movement.

However, this year… ummmmm…. Ummmm… ummmmmm….  I’m probably going to do the same thing this year; it’s called “March Madness,” not “March Moderation,” after all.

Okay, so I’ll try to keep in mind that there’s a connection between beer swilling and belly swelling, and I’ll watch some games on an elliptical or treadmill instead of splayed out in an easy chair.

And I’ll pledge right here, right now to only spend my NCAA pool winnings on something extra healthy.*

*If you’re in my pool, I’m offering a special deal in which you can just pay me half of the winnings before the tournament starts. You save 50%! Those savings can add up!


  1. While I absolutely LOVE March Madness, I do have to admit that I am extremely thankful when it is over. I consume way too much beer. It wouldn't be so bad if I drank Miller Lite or something comparable, but I only like really dark porters and stouts. Every single beer drinks like a meal, so I end up with about 8 meals a day if you count my actual food consumption. Go Heels!

  2. Jack - you can make it thru! Remember, food/DRINKING is 80% of the battle! Consistency as well. Hang tough! We have to make sacrifices at times & this may be one of them for you! :-)

  3. Cute special that you're running...

  4. Yea, Mike is missing his beer for sure. Hmmm maybe if I make you envision beer being pee now you will have that vision in your head and it won't be as appealing lol.



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