Friday, March 23, 2012

Tips for Healthy Life Living

• When you order salad at a restaurant, have the dressing served on the side you can’t reach.

• Start your day off by eating a big breakfast. It helps you not be too hungry for lunch. Then eat a really big lunch so you won’t be hungry for dinner.

• Instead of whole milk, switch to 1 percent. If you drink one 8-oz glass a day, you’ll lose 5 lb in a year (note: if you forget to drink during the year, do not make the mistake of drinking 2,912 ounces of milk on December 31).

• Make exercise a nonnegotiable priority, unless the ransom gets up to over $1,000,000.

• A healthy afternoon snack is a hamper full of nuts. They provide… what? A handful? Are you kidding me?

• An easy way to improve your posture is to stand up straight.

• Brush your teeth in between bites of dinner.

• A registered dietician can assist you in designing a nutritional plan you’ll find months later and have a good laugh about.

• You know what’s good for emotional eating? Tortilla chips and Rotel dip! You know what’s good for not emotional eating? Me either.



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