Wednesday, February 19, 2014

You Can't Spell "If" Without "I"

(with apologies to Rudyard Kipling)

If you can keep from snacking when all around you

Are donuts and pizza and big bags of chips.

If you can work out though the machines confound you,

And you keep banging kettlebells across your hips.

If you can take a little control of your eating,

And don’t let your mojo get down to empty.

If you can keep running though you’re blistered and bleeding,

And if you can make your food choices more healthy.

If you can plan – and not make meals that’re crappy.

If you can drink – and I’m not talking about soda.

If you can keep yourself positive and happy,

And not watch TV ‘til you lapse in a coma.

 If you can blog to keep your journey more relevant.

Making you accountable, liable, focused.

Maybe you feel like you’re big as an elephant,

But you’re making good progress, in case you’ve not noticed.

If you can get out and work your poor body,

And focus on getting stronger and firmin’.

If you can stick with it and not think it folly,

You’ll soon look at a mirror without squirmin’.

If you can believe that you really are worth it,

And keep moving forward with confidence growing.

The will that you’ve searched for, you’ll finally unearth it.

You’ll hear the Voice that tells you “Keep going!”

If you can take this life one day as it comes,

And truly give it your very best shot.

If you can finish each day, and hold up both thumbs.

If you really will give it all that you’ve got.

If you can fill your day with purpose,

And keep on pushing ‘til the end
The scale will soon give back that surplus,

And you’ll one day be at goal, my friend! 

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  1. New follower here. Cannot wait to read about your journey.



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