Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Signs Your Personal Trainer Isn’t Top-Notch

• Makes you sign a 300-page waiver before getting started.

• Sits cross-legged on your back while you’re doing push-ups.

• Begins each session by making you swear you’re not a police officer.

• Wants you to exercise fingers by doing five Fire-Alarm Pulls.

• Has an imaginary assistant named “Chester.”

• Spends entire session making you gut and clean mess of trout he caught that morning.

• Dresses like a Confederate Civil War re-enactor.

• Shows you exercise to work your “triceratops” muscle.

• Schedules sessions at a McDonald’s play area.

• Constantly reads you blog posts by his buddy, Jack.


  1. Haha. That was an awesome funny post! Though few trainers are friendly, we do feel they are quite frustrating!



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