Friday, February 14, 2014

Ultimate Healthy Valentine Gift Guide

• Romantic half-marathon on the beach

• “Let’s Play Doctor” game (with blood pressure monitor)

• An aphrodisiac that also contains acidophilus

• A no-piece swimsuit

• Heart-shaped box of mixed prunes

• 5K trail of rose petals

• Threesome with you, significant other and personal trainer

• Copy of Kama Sit-Upra

• Rice cakes with romantic messages written on them

• Sugar-free Jell-O shots

• PS90XXX workout video

• Crotchless yoga pants

• Really raw pumpkin seeds

• Cute stuffed teddy bear that, when you pull string in the back, shrieks at you with Jillian’s voice to do push-ups

• Diet love potion

• A little Afternoon Delight (and yes, by “Afternoon Delight” I do mean “a nap”)


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Jack! Thanks for the nifty gift ideas. xoxo

  2. You had me at crotchless yoga pants! This is one of my all time favorites!!!! Good stuff!

  3. All of these made me laugh real hard, especially the rose petals 5k trail, great post!
    I hope you're doing well and overcoming the flu, Jack. I read your new posts on the other blog and they are great. You made some points regarding the style of writing, but in my opinion, that's what's always kept the charm of this blog, no one expects you to be some sort of weight loss superhero!
    I hope you won't neglect this blog anytime soon, I really enjoy reading your posts.

  4. I've actually made sugar free black cherry jello shots with rum...they are good! And then I don't get a hangover from all the sugar that's normally in a jello shot.



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