Monday, February 10, 2014

Greetings and Sal-Flu-tations

I am writing this from my deathbed.

My wife Anita mocked me at the furniture store when I purchased it.

“What do we need with a deathbed?” she asked. 

“But it’s 12 months same as cash,” I argued. “And it comes with a free death-nightstand.”

So anywhere, here I am on my deathbed, suffering from a crippling case of Type-A flu. 

This is going to be a bad week…


    I can teach you to be type B when yer ready :0)

  2. Get Well Soon Jack! I miss your posts. You are my anchor in this topsy turvy boat, called weight loss.

  3. Damn, if the same one I had, hope you do better than I did. (STILL have some wheezing 2 weeks later.) However, I am a patient with no patience, and live to whine, so hopefully you will be more resilient than I was. Or at least less melodramatic about it.

    Feel better soon!

  4. If you don't die, can you get your money back for the bed?

    Seriously though, I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Wow, coincidence! I thought I was in my deathbed last night! A totally horrid stomach bug hit, and no exercise for me today....the plus side is that you could wave a million donuts in front of my usually ravenous face, and I would just punch you, not steal a donut and punch you like I normally would. I hope you feel better soon! Love your blog btw.


  6. Ugh. Feel better soon! *runs off to spray iPad with Lysol*

  7. Hey Jack, sorry to hear about the flu. Unfortunately, most of us are familiar it, it's the worst mood breaker of the season (like winter isn't enough by itself). Whenever I get sick, one of the things that helps me a lot is chicken soup with plenty of salt (kinda eww-y, but it's a mucus stimulant, if that thing doesn't get thinner there are good chances of additional infections) and spicy foods to improve respiration, chili peppers, garlic and ginger work wonders for me.

    Hope you'll get better soon, stay strong!

  8. Dude, when you buy a deathbed you buy the farm...geesh... get well soon!

  9. Thank you ror sharing this great article.I hope you will continue this type of blogging.

  10. My word, it is so odd to hear about the flu when I'm sweltering in an Australian summer. I guess no matter the season though, having the flu sucks!



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