Sunday, February 9, 2014

This Weigh-In is No Flu-ke

It would be easy to give the credit for this week’s better-than-average loss to me somehow contracting Type-A Flu (even though I was always a C student… go figure). 

However, I put in my time at the gym and did well with my eating right up to the point when the flu bug showed up and unceremoniously kicked me in the ass. Sure, I probably burned a lot of calories shaking like a hot mess with a burning-up fever, but all that time working out should count, too!

Anyway, here’s the good stuff (and I don’t mean the narcotics-grade cough syrup my physician laid on me):


Weight when I first started blogging: 291.5 lbs.
Last week’s weight: 262
Current weight: 259.5
Loss: 2.5 lbs.
Total loss since start of new year: 10.5 lbs.

Goal for coming week:  Get out of this bed.


  1. It's all snot weight. You can't count the snot weight.

  2. Excellent! Way to go Jack. Feel better soon.

  3. Hey Jack, I hope you're doing better, I know how flu can really be an exhausting mess.
    This post reminded me of an e-card saying "I am one flu away from my goal weight." :))
    I can see you've made some big progress, it must be helpful to have a blog and write about your journey. I also really like the style of writing you have adopted, your blog is quite different from the rest of the weight loss blog out here.

    Stay strong and keep going, I hope you get better and reach your goal for this week.

  4. Nice!! (the loss-not the flu) You're on the Jack train...full speed ahead! Okay--um...I have no idea what that just came out... I like it though... The Jack Train... All Aboard!! SIASAW (smiling in a self-amused way)

  5. It's wonderful to see you in fine form again :)

  6. Nice loss! Hope you are feeling better quickly!



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