Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Weight Watcher Meeting Conversation Stoppers

  • “Have you ever tried shoving a Snickers bar inside a Twinkee, then microwaving it for 20 seconds?”
  • “How many points are in puppy meat?”
  • “In some cultures, it’s a sign of great respect to loudly break wind in a crowd.”
  • “Hey, when the meeting starts, let’s all start yelling like it was a town hall meeting.”
  • “Who’ll give me a dollar to eat a whole can of Cheese Whiz?”
  • “Do you know if they make sugar-free edible underwear?”
  • “I don’t get my weigh-in… I dieted all morning.”
  • “I’ve already lost one-quarter of one percent of my total body weight.”
  • “We oughta all tailgate in the parking lot before our next weigh-in.”
  • “Does my fat ass make my ass look fat?”

  • “Are we gonna have square dancing again this week?”
  • “I’m really on a roller coaster; one week I’m up two pounds, the next week I’m up four pounds.”
“Whenever I get hunger cravings, I just brush my teeth… with frosting.”
  • “I can’t believe I gained weight this week. I mean, I’m wearing my lucky floral mumu.”
  • “I had a big loss this week. Congratulations?!? Congratulations on losing my house? You are one sick human being!”
  • “Do you have any leftover points you’re not using?”
  • “I’m gonna try Zumba as soon as I can say the word 'Zumba' without laughing.”
  • “Can you believe I’m wearing a cowboy hat made out of pound cake?”
  • “Do you know where they keep the emergency chips-n-dip?”


  1. "Does my fat ss make my ass look fat?" -- Now that's one I can really appreciate! Hilarious, as always!

  2. “I’ve already lost one-quarter of one percent of my total body weight.”
    Hey, a goal is a goal...I guess!


  3. Thanks, I needed that. You just made me want to rejoin WW.

  4. I was literally laughing out loud with this one. Thanks again for your great sense of humor. ;)

  5. Ooooh, a hat made out of pound cake. Now that is a look I can get behind. ;)

  6. LOL, I can only imagine what my leader would say about some of these...too funny!!

  7. Hahaha! I am doing Weight Watchers and those are hilarious. I love the first one about putting a Snickers in a Twinkie.. sounds like a neat idea!

  8. Hysterical! I was on WW for a few months but always thought they gave me too many points. Don't like the PointsPlus program - but this entry definitely made me laugh!

  9. Hi Jack. OMG, this is hilarious, I'm printing it out and will take it to my ww meeting on Thursday.

  10. I once asked my (former) leader that, since I have IBS and immediately poop after eating about 85% of my meals, do I have to count the points? She didn't answer.



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