Thursday, February 3, 2011

One Thin Soldier (The Legend of Billy Jack Sh*t)

Listen, children, to a story

That was written just last night,

‘Bout a blogger on a mission

To make his weight right for his height.

On his blog there was a section
Situated on the side
That included weigh-in numbers,

Starting when he was too wide.

Go ahead and eat a salad.
Go ahead and exercise.

 Do it for self-preservation,
You can justify at your size.
There won’t be any friends praising you
Come your weigh-in day,

On a bright day a few months later....

One thin soul will have his way.

So the people stoppin' at his blog
Wrote some comments on his site.
Tell him that he can do it,
That his future is so bright.

So he kept on pushing forward.
“With my friends, we’ll preservere.
Eating right and drinking water,
Instead of having chips and beer.”

Go ahead and eat some yogurt.

Go ahead and lift some weights.

Do it for a healthy future,

We are redefining our own fates.

There won't be any trumpets blowing

On the day you start.
Check back six months later…

One thin soul has shown some heart.

Now the blogger cries with pleasure,

 “Check the scale! I’m at goal weight!”
And the commenters commented,
Tell him that he looks so great.

Now he looks for other bloggers,
Their weight loss stories, he has read
At every stop, he leaves a comment,

"You can do it" is all he said.

Go ahead and eat some oatmeal,

Go ahead and run a mile.

Do it in the name of fitness,

In the end it’s gonna make you smile.

Keep up with the way you’re going and

Come your weigh-in day,

You’ll be a better person after.

One thin soul is here to stay.

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  1. Great post yet again! Anytime I stop by your blog, I always get the pick me up I need. Thanks for your post and the encouragement. Have a happy Thurday my friend.

  2. Now I am humming that song! It brings me back. A long way back:)

  3. omg you are a prophet! I am still in denial, but your blog calls me. I teared up on this song and movie and now..

  4. LOL I love it. Any suggestions from Jack Sh*t on Superbowl "munchies" Trying to keep it somewhat healthy and please the crowd...mainly my husband.

  5. one of my all time favorite songs, made better by Jack. LOL!!!!

  6. I L*O*V*E IT!!!
    Now I'm gonna "go ahead and eat some oatmeal..."

  7. "One thin soul is here to stay."

    Amen, brother. Amen.

  8. Jack....I always had a thin soul....its my butt that usually let me down. Now I'm working on reducing that too. Love the always make me smile, laugh or spill something
    Good on youDawn

  9. Always loved that hokey song and I super love your new - more inspiring less insipid - words! Thank you thin tin soldier you

  10. This has always been one of my favorite songs & your version of it was wonderful :-)



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