Sunday, February 27, 2011

Goodbye Normal Jeans

Goodbye Normal Jeans,
Though I hardly knew you at all,
You had the grace to hold your fit
Even when you got too small.
You crawled back in the closet,
And hid up on the top shelf.
You knew it was time to go,
Though I didn't know it myself.

And it seems to me I've lived my life
In some pants that were extra wide.
Never knowing not to eat more
When the food gets fried.
And I would have like to have worn you,
But I was just too fat.
Your seams would just have ripped out
Every time I sat.

Obesity is tough,
The toughest thing you'll ever know.
My weight created an obstacle,
Every day a brand new low.
Then you called to me.
You said, "I'm waiting here for you."
And I somehow found the strength
To begin my life anew.

And it seems to me I've changed my life,
I don't have to be so wide.
Never knowing how to connect to
The healthy person inside.
And I'm proud to get to wear you
Like I used to do.
There's still a lot of wear left.
We're both practically brand new.

Hello Normal Jeans
Though it's been so very long.
You had the grace to keep yourself
Now you're back where you belong.
Hello Normal Jeans
From the man at that 225 weight.
It's nice to be wearing you again
Looking fine and feeling great.

And it seems to me that gettting fit is
Like a candle in the wind.
You can lose it in a heartbeat,
Everything can end.
But I won't let that happen this time.
I won't take that spill.
That candle will burn out long before
My persistence ever will.


  1. I will never be able to listen to the original ever again without thinking of this LOL

  2. I love it, even though it took forever to read because I had to read it to the tune of the song!


  3. I love your witty post. They always make me smile. Thank you for your great sense of humor. ;)

  4. Awesome, love the last line,

    "That candle will burn out long before
    My persistence ever will."

    Because no matter what you do in the weight loss game, none of it works if you give up.

  5. Never give up is the motto! Consistency! You can do it!

  6. Ha, that was excellent, Mr Jack! You should really give up your day job, because you're good at this sh*t. =)

  7. "Never knowing not to eat more
    When the food gets fried."

    Gold, pure gold. :)

  8. This is EXACTLY where I am. My Normal Jeans are in the closet, we keep checking in every week or so. They are SO excited to come back out and play....and soon, very soon....they will have their day!

  9. Excellent! Both touching and funny!



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