Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Little Random Advice

• If your doctor tells you that you have to give up either chocolate or cheese, don’t worry… I think they make chocolate-covered cheese.

• Building a little maze inside your refrigerator will make you work harder to find delicious snacks and help you eat less of them.

• Run a mile. If you can’t run a mile, walk a mile. If you can’t walk a mile, nap a mile.

• It turns out that “Your hair is really thinning” isn’t really a weight-loss compliment.

• Lying burns more calories than telling the truth.

• One way to eat less sodium is to go to every grocery store in town, empty every container of salt and replace with a salt substitute.

• If you can’t afford a personal trainer, just dress in all black and pretend to be the shadow of the person who’s actually having the personal training session.

• One way to drink more water during the day is to nearly drown.

• You don’t have time not to exercise.

• Soup can have a sneaky amount of fat and calories, especially Cheesy Cream of Cream Cheese Soup.

• If you’re reading this blog right now, there’s probably something more productive you could be doing.


  1. something more productive than reading your blog?!? that doesnt exist!!

  2. I don't have time not to exercise, aw man. FINE. ;)

  3. Brilliant! I can't believe I didn't know all of this years ago!


  4. "One way to eat less sodium is to go to every grocery store in town, empty every container of salt and replace with a salt substitute", now that's productive :)

  5. Chocolate covered cheese?

    This is productive right? NO? I wonder how many calories I burn commenting on blogs. Hmmmm

  6. MMM my fave soup--Cheesy Cream of Cream Cheese!!!

  7. I'm not sure how I've missed out on your blog all this time but I'm here now and happy you've already tagged me as unproductive. Look forward to MORE unproductive time catching up here.

  8. I totally don't have time to not exercise. ;)

  9. OK, I'm off to productively find some chocolate covered cheese. Hey, this is Japan. It's totally possible.

  10. Finally napping can count as exercie!!! Thanks Jack!

  11. Something more productive? Like napping a mile? :)

  12. Oh man, you caught me! LOL. Love the shadow one, hilarious! I am imagining me as a shadow, always two steps behind and probably going the wrong direction!



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