Sunday, February 20, 2011

No Gain, No Pain

Weekly weigh-in: 217.5
Loss: - 0
Total loss: -74.4
Emotion: Blah

Sometimes a gain on the scale gets stuck in my craw and spurs me on to do a little better with my food choices and maybe even exercise a little harder for the next few days.

Sometimes a loss on the scale throws my mojo into overdrive, supercharging my energy and making it a breeze to keep keeping on with my healthy living ways.

Sometimes a gain on the scale just ticks me off–I mean, really frosts my shorts. It makes me question why all of this stuff doesn’t come more naturally to me and why is it exactly that I’m working so damn hard.

Sometimes a loss on the scale just makes me think that I’m on the going-down section of the roller-coaster, and that I’ll be climbing back up before you know it.

And sometimes… sometimes I (and by “I”, I mean every single one of us) give too much weight to these weary weigh-ins. I mean, I have to do them because I know what will happen if I don’t check in regularly… but… (you knew I’d have a big “but” in there didn’t you? Hey! Don’t say I have a big butt!).

But… video evidence to the contrary, I’m getting better and better at understanding my own body and why it is the way it is. I know I that weigh 3-4 lbs. more when I wake up than when I go to bed, and I know a salty meal will stay with me seemingly forever.

I beat myself up over this stuff just like you beat yourself up, but I’m pretty proud of the progress I’ve made, and I have no intention of giving in anytime soon.

I know that there are some strange forces at work inside my mind and body. Some weeks they work in tandem to achieve the desired results and some weeks they’re locked in evenly-matched game of tug of war (and occasionally… only occasionally… they team up and kick my ass).

I stand on a scale once a week, but all it gives me is a number.

It doesn’t tell me who I am or where I’m headed.

That’s for me to decide.


  1. EXACTLY what I needed to be reminded of today!

  2. Somebody once gave me really interesting scale insight, and I thought I'd pass it along to you: Your scale is a whore.

  3. True that, Jack!!! Great job not letting the scale rule your world!

  4. so needed to read that myself today too, thanks Jack :)

    Anne (lose2live)

  5. Excellent post. I will be writing one today about my disconnection from the scale and the reconnection of my body and mind.

  6. I also needed to read that... I am losing but I still wish I was losing more faster. Don't get me wrong, I still want to. But it doesn't define me. Thanks!

    I love this- "I stand on a scale once a week, but all it gives me is a number. It doesn’t tell me who I am or where I’m headed." I'm going to put that on my blog!

  7. You are awesome. That's all I wanted to say.

  8. I love this Jack - you can't let anything define how well you are doing. For me, I weigh at least 3 pounds heavier at night than in the morn so we are opposite that way but some days the scale is good but the clothes fit tight. Some days the scale is higher but the clothes fit looser. Some days the age hormones attack & keep attacking for days.. I just don't let it deter me & I keep plugging along. I am glad you do the same! It is all about consistency & not letting these stupid little things get to us!

  9. I REALLY needed to hear this today after getting on the scale (three days too soon!) and seeing no loss at all with perfect eating and exercise.

    This is hard. This post helps.

  10. Thank you Jack for this post! I do the same thing with the number on the scale and it drives me a little bonkers!

  11. It's nice when the scale loses its power over you. I'm not saying a gain doesn't irk me a bit, but ups and downs are fine when the downs outnumber the ups. No one's weight loss is a perfectly straight line.

    It's nice to see another maintainer showing us it's possible!

  12. Frosts my shorts...
    I'm stealing that!!!
    And I have no comment on the scale part. But your video is freaking awesome, and it speaks my emotions perfectly. :)

  13. Good post Jack and very true that scale doesn't tell us who we are or where we're going. Here's to going great places!!!

  14. yeah....eff the scale. That's what I say. :)

  15. Hi. :-)

    I just found your blog, so this is the first post I am reading, but I love the way you include your emotion in your weigh in info. I'm new to the whole diet-blog scene, so I haven't done that myself yet, but I may borrow the idea.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts (going forwards and backward!).

  16. no news is good news...right jack.
    It's day in day out no matter how you slice it.

  17. Thanks for the reminder!! I am all consumed with that number and I know that's not okay.

  18. OMGsh...I can't even get on the freaking scale!!!!!

    I just know I need to start...and I'm having the hardest time facing reality.

  19. I think if the scale can motivate you by looking at those numbers, measuring yourself is a good idea.



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