Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pictures Before, Pictures Right Now

I'm sorry, Last Goodnight

This is the blog about our weight.
This is the story of our fate.
This is the first day of a journey,
Lord, I hope it's not too late.

This is the trek that’s never done.
This is a hot dog without the bun.
This is the person standing on the scale,
Praying to lose a ton.

Pictures before, pictures right now.
Put up on the blog for the world to say “wow.”
Pictures before, pictures right now.
Remind us all of when we were a fat cow.

There is no drug that makes us thin.
It’s just us inside this skin.
It’s not important where we wind up,
Just important we begin.

The excitement of this journey’s got me shaking inside,
Tell my old life goodbye.

Pictures before, pictures right now.
Put up on the blog to show you’ve made a vow.
Pictures before, pictures right now.
Remind us all not to eat so much chow.

Comment to me, every objective,
Every goal you want to achieve.
Comment to me, all you want to accomplish,
All that matters to you and me.

We are too tired of too-tight fits.
We’re losing our weight but not our wits.
We are going, and we won’t quit no matter
How tough this road gets.

Pictures before, pictures right now.
Put up on the blog to show the whole world how.
Pictures before, pictures right now.
Remind us it’s time to tell your fat ass “ciao.”

Pictures before, pictures right now.
Put up on the blog to let us take a bow.
Pictures before, pictures right now
Remind us all the time is now, now, now.

Note: This was the post that I asked some of my blogger friends to provide me "before and after" (or "before and DURING" as a couple of them rightly pointed out). However, a funny thing happened once I got them plugged into the post. I got inspired. I got swept up in just how powerful those images were, and I felt like they didn't warrant a light-hearted approach. They deserved respect. Thanks again to everyone who participated and thanks for all the fantastic comments and emails yesterday–they made my day.


  1. Yesterdays post Jack was so inspirational, it was so nice to see everyone's success stories. I hope to one day be on your wall of fame :-)

    Thanks for continuing to bring us the good the bad and the even better!

  2. Jack, you're very talented.


  3. Great post and I knew you of all people would understand my need to blame the treadmill yesterday...!

  4. Yesterday's post came at a time when I needed to see it the most.....I was flailing and seeing those incredible photos reminded me - I can do this...no matter how hard it seems sometimes....


  5. There is no drug that makes us thin.
    It’s just us inside this skin.

    that was truly beautiful....
    Have a good day jack.

  6. I AM glad you did two posts. It was a great funny rhyme, but the pictures were very inspiring and deserving of respect.

    Good call.

  7. I'm glad you did it the way you did & agree completely that seeing all those photos together were powerful.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. WOW! You look awesome Jack! Well done!

  9. I love it! Especially the line "it’s time to tell your fat ass “ciao". LOL

    I'm saying "ciao" to a little bit more of my fat behind everyday!

    You're always so funny and inspiring at the same time! Thank you!

  10. I know you have a gozillion of these things but...I have something for you over at my place!

  11. You are funnier and smarter than Conan O'Brien. I think he's brilliant, funny and wonderful. You're right up there with him! I CRACKED up at your echoing the Chinese comment!

  12. I love this, its good to read it through wile listening, quite inspirational to get me through another perfect day. Thank you

  13. Well, Jack, you are a handsome devil, aren't you? And to be so talented, too. I always look forward to your blog, and you NEVER disappoint. Thank you!

  14. Brilliant! Flippancy (is that a word?!) aside, you must be thrilled!

  15. I am trying to figure out how to word this.....

    I really like this post. I like the fact that you put your pictures up. They have a huge impact.

    I think out of all the bloggers out there you are incredibly selfless. You help everyone when they need it. You leave comments on blogs when there are no comments. You link so many blogs.

    You joke a lot but I like the posts where you talk about your 100 pound loss journey. When you talk about how you changed the way you eat. Where you realize how important this is for your family.

    We all can figure out that Anita is not your wife's name and Pisa is not your daughter's name but we are close to your family through you. We are close to you through your writing.

    But besides for being a talented writer you are an inspiration through your actions. Through your pictures. I am glad you post your pictures because they are amazing. The transformation you went through is amazing.

    I guess what i am trying to say is that it was refreshing at 7:45 (when you usually post) to see a selfless person be so wonderfully selfish. I wish you would do it more often.

  16. Very talented...and handsome to boot. You go, Jack!

  17. I have a slideshow on my sidebar. :)

  18. I like Antijared's comment. I agree, you are so selfless. None of that "look at me, look at me" stuff that some of us (ahem) resort to for attention. ;)

    With that said...Look at me! I just put up new before and durings, and linked to your post.

    BTW you look awesome. And it takes balls to put up those befores. Thanks Jack.

  19. As always Jack, you never fail to inspire. Great post, love the before and after pictures. And to echo a couple other comments, I do think you are the greatest not only with your witty prose, but also with your constant reaching out to others when they need it the most.
    And it does take courage to post these before pictures. Kudos to you!

  20. You look great Jack! Was your 100 pounds too late for Dr. Oz?

    Pics say it all! When I look at the pic of me on my page, honestly, and I do mean HONESTLY, I have a hard time believing I actually look like that.

  21. Alright, I figured it was high time that I finally say HELLO to Jack Sh*t! Not sure if you have stopped by my blog yet but I would love it if you did- I've heard you give some pretty good advice and are rather inspiration and I can use all the good stuff I can get! I am looking forward to becoming an official Jack Sh*t reader! See ya on the flip side :)


  22. Way to turn a sentimental song to a funny sentimental one. Love your version.

  23. Congratulations on your loss! Great pictures. I really like reading your blog. Thanks!



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