Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quitting Time

I joke and josh here more often than not because I know that this weight-loss journey we’re on is a long, hard haul and, let’s face it, it helps to smile, to chuckle, to laugh a little along the way.

None of us are going to get to where we’re headed overnight. We’re going to have good weeks and bad weeks. We’re going to hit milestones and suffer setbacks. That's just the way it is.

We’re going to have times when Life hits us with more than we can possibly handle and… let us be honest with one another… we’re going to have times when we disappoint ourselves.

Some of us are even going to give up. I hate to say that but it’s just something I’ve noticed along the way. Maybe we won’t even actively decide to give up… it’s just something that will sort of happen. That’s just the way it goes sometimes...

A few years ago, I might even be one of those folks who quietly slipped away… just dropped off the scene and inexplicably porked back up. That’s been my history, after all. That's been all I've ever known.

Maybe you would have thrown in the towel, too, in days gone by. Just slipped away and decided that reclaiming your body was too big of a project to take on at this point in your life. Perhaps you would lost your way back in the day…

But this isn’t back in the day.

Far from it…

I’m happy to report that while giving up may seem to be what’s on my mind today, giving up is really the last thing on my mind today. I will keep chugging along, keep making the best choices I can, keep doing what I can to bend my body to my will and keep my head in the game.

I hope you’re in a good place today, too – eating mindfully and finding some way to get your body moving. I hope you have a plan and that you’re sticking to it as best you can.

Feel like quitting some days? Yeah, me too.

Gonna make dead level certain that today’s not that day?

Yeah, me too.

Engaging emergency brakes... NOW.


  1. I dont quit on myself ..its how we handle the sh*t days that shows us who we are !

  2. I just quit Weight Watchers. But I haven't quit on myself, or on losing weight. I've joined the gym and I'm doing well there.

  3. yes
    for TODAY I CAN PROMISE I wont quit.
    just for today.

  4. Yeah, I just got back from vacation and my scale is less than pleased with me. Now is definitely *not* the time to quit. I have clothes I have to be able to wear to the office. So today it's back on track to make sure I can breathe from 8-5 daily.

  5. Today, just for today, I will not quit. Not on myself. Just for today.

  6. Great post! NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!

  7. After your long weekend, you should be proud to see that number! You must have been mindful while you were enjoying yourself. Great post! You are so right about the journey being overwhelming, but that's the type of drama it takes to create an unforgettable story!

  8. Giving up is not an option.

  9. Life happens! It's just about finding the right balance. When I went away for a week I was up 8lbs!! It was gone again the following week just from getting back on track, it's not a 'true' gain so long as a small collapse doesn't become a relapse. You can do it! Quitting is not an option!! :o) We're all in it for the long haul :o)

  10. So true!! I've given up and restarted so many times it's not funny. But that was the old me. Sure, I still have major set-backs - but every day I just start over. I haven't had the best luck with that mentality... but I haven't quit, either.

  11. Thanks. I needed this. When I get angry at myself for not losing weight from yesterday I just try to think about how far I've come. Makes me happier and I don't want to give up anymore.


  13. My favorite quote with regard to this fitness/health stuff:

    It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.

    ~ Confucius 孔夫子

  14. Thank you. I needed to read that to combat my feelings from earlier this week.

  15. We all have those days! It's normal. Today is not the day for quitting for me... Thanks for reinforcing it!

  16. I echo your post, Jack! Weight loss/management is all about "just for today". I can't "make up" what I didn't do yesterday and I dang sure can't "do" anything "tomorrow". Just for today and right now is not only all I have, it's all I need to focus on!

  17. Focus is the name of the game. Never give up!

  18. I can't phantom quitting simply because I'm at the peak of my weight lose journey. Thanks to a friend who was there to encourage me when the journey seemed not achievable. She's now helping people with her over 6 years acquired knowledge as a fitness trainer through her blog:



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