Friday, July 20, 2012

If You Don't Read This Post, I Give You Six Months to Live...

Me: Doc, doc.

Doctor: What is it?

Me: You’re supposed to say “Who’s there?”

Doctor: What?

Me: It’s a doc-doc joke.

Doctor: I don’t understand…

Me: Doc, doc.

Who’s there?

Me: Anytime Health!

Doctor: Anytime Health who?

Me: Anytime Health who lets me blog over at their site and just posted this list of things you really don’t want to hear from your doctor.

Doctor: That’s not very funny.

Me: Well, the post isn’t very funny either.

Doctor: There, we’re done. I swear, Jack… you talk more during a proctology exam than any patient I have....


Big family meal at Ethiopian meal last night and I conveniently
"forgot" to check my scale this morning. Connection?
Oh, you conspiracy theorists really annoy me!


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