Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Morph of Me to Love

So, I'm messing around on the computer and I come across this doohickey where you can morph faces. All work comes to a screeching halt...

Just think about it. The president is in real trouble these days. It's time for drastic action...

And then, lo and behond, you have the guy who'd have NO problems getting re-elected... BaJack Sh*trama!

So anyway, I decided to see how I could improve the looks of some other personalities in the healthy living arena...
Jackred, spokesperson for Sh*tway


  1. Well, I know what Im gonna be doing all day today...

    Will you email my editors and let them know?
    Write me a permission slip to be late?

    Thanks so much.

  2. I'm terribly frightened now. I'm sure there will be nightmares when I close my eyes.

  3. LOL I see my Josie up there! That's kinda freaky, does she know about that? LOL

  4. Yum Sh*tty? that's gonna be's my new rapper name, yo. Okay, okay, and I'm cracking up at the term "sh*tfluential". LOL!

  5. OMG, do me! Where is this site? I so want to try this.

  6. Yum Sh**tty looks especially wacky. Or is that heinous! Can't tell. This is too much. I hope you do a morph for Mrs. Sh*t so she'll have just one more piece of blackmail on you!

  7. I never seem to make in onto the JackSh*t pages lol, darn. I think we would blend together well lol.

  8. I look so mature!

    HungryGirl with a beard on the other hand will haunt my dreams for the eternities.

  9. MizSh*t is my favourite! You are so creative Jack!

  10. Thanks for making me pee my pants. Yum Yucky's is the best! I walked around the house the rest of the nite calling my husband Mr. Sh*ttier.



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