Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Taste of Nature Bars - A "Free-for-Me" Review

Anita: Jack, you got another freebie box.

Jack: Oooooooooooooo… freebies.

Anita: Are you going to actually write a review for your blog this time?

Jack: I always write reviews when companies send me products!

Anita: As a matter of fact, there are two unopened packages under the dining room table from three months ago.

Jack: I sometimes write reviews when companies send me products!

Anita: Well, what’s in there?

Jack: Something called Taste of Nature bars.

Anita: You’re not gonna do another song review, are you? You ruined that Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang ditty for me.

Jack: * snort * You said “ditty.”

Anita: Oh, well… these actually look pretty good. Nothing artificial, no fillers and chemicals with names as hard to pronounce as they are to digest. Just do me one favor, and don’t give them a million stars like you do everything else you review.

Jack: Oh, I got it. I’ll do the entire review as a series of nut nut jokes.

Anita: Nut nut?

Jack: Who’s there?

Anita: * sigh * Why don’t you just tell your readers… what few of them remain… that Taste of Nature bars are made of 100% certified organic ingredients and make for a wholesome, nutritious snack.

Jack: Mmmmmm. These really aren’t bad at all. In fact, I GIVE THEM ONE MILLION STARS.

Anita: Nut nut.

Jack: Who’s there?

Anita: Europe.

Jack: Europe who?

Anita: No, Jack…  you’re a poo.

Taste of Nature bars are 100% certified organic, non-GMO project certified and gluten free. Taste of Nature did not pay me for this review, and – come to think of it – WHY DIDN’T TASTE OF NATURE PAY ME FOR THIS REVIEW???????

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  1. I guess I'm one of the few you mentioned you still make me laugh



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