Thursday, October 2, 2014


Gooder: Taking a walk after dinner.
Badder: Taking a walk to Baskin Robbins after dinner.

Gooder: Brown-bagging your lunch.
Badder: Discovering that you packed three boxes of Fiddle Faddle in it.

Gooder: Doing 20 push-ups.
Badder: Eating 20 Push-Ups.

Gooder: Having a consultation with a nutritionist.
Badder: Taking cooking lessons from Paula Deen.

Gooder:  Experimenting with new healthy foods.
Badder: Philly Cheesecake sandwich!

Gooder: Scheduling an annual check-up.
Badder: Scheduling a daily banana split.

Gooder: Flossing your teeth.
Badder: Flossing your teeth with Twizzlers.

Gooder: Staying informed on latest health news and trends.
Badder: Reading Jack Sh*t, Gettin’ Fit.


  1. I loved this. I used to buy Twizzlers when I was on a diet because they are fairly low calorie for candy. Of course, then I'd eat the whole bag, which is not low-calorie at all. I also used to make a lot of the butter queen's recipes. I still make one regularly (check out her Tuna Burger and Avocado dressing on; It's under 300 calories without the bun).

  2. Walk to Baskin Robbins? That is a long walk. That should be my new fitness goal. If I can make it there I can have whatever I want. It is all down hill ... there anyways!



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