Monday, October 20, 2014

Cooking Tips for Healthy Cooking

• Tired of chopping onions making you cry? Try this: imagine your first pet and the way it looked at you as it lay dying in your arms. Ha! Now those hateful onions won’t get the satisfaction of making you cry. YOU’RE ALREADY CRYING!

• When sautéing, use a tablespoon of canola oil instead of a tableful of canola oil.

• When baking cookies, substitute carob chips for chocolate chips unless you care that you’ll make everyone hate you.

• If you don’t have a crockpot, it’s not a good idea to just pile a bunch of ingredients on top of a space heater and let it run on “High” all day.

• Add walnuts to cereal, muffins or salads. Plus, try walnut oil in salad dressings, too. Oh, by the way… I probably should mention fact that I’m a paid member of the International Walnut Advisory Council.

• To make pizza healthier, eat something else.

• Have you tried Poached Perch with Pickled Peaches? I have no idea if it’s any good or not, but that’s a helluva name, isn’t it?

• Instead of extra-virgin olive oil, cook with extra-abstinate olive oil.


  1. It's fitting that you belong the walnut society. Being that you're a crazy nut & all. LOL!

  2. There are many cooking tips online and offline that might teach us a lot. So we must always try to keep them handy, just in case.



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