Friday, October 17, 2014

Fitness Mottos That Probably Could Be Improved

• Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 7 Times (Any More Getting Up Would Be More Than Absolutely Necessary)

• I’ll Rest When I’m Dead or Saturday, Whichever Comes First

• No Pain, No Pain

• Think Training’s Hard? Well, You’re Right!

• If You Think You Can, You Can.  If You Think You Can’t, You Can’t. If You Think You Can-Opener, You Can-Opener!

• Nothing Tastes As Good As Being Fit Feels, With the Possible Exception of Cheesecake

• I May Not Be the Strongest. I May Not Be the Fastest. I May Not Be the Smartest. Ummmm, I May Have Forgotten the Point I Was Trying to Make…

• Sweat Is Simply Moisture Exuded Through the Pores of the Skin, Typically in Profuse Quantities as a Reaction to Heat, Physical Exertion, Fever or Fear. 

• Just Do Sh*t


  1. you brat! (re the first one.) LOL

  2. I personally like 'no pain, no pain'...that being said...'just do shit' is a close I say at work....anything after 6 pm is shit....sign this shit..picking up shit..dealing with shit. Good motto.

  3. I would totally wear "no pain, no pain" (the mantra of someone with a chronic injury" as well as "Just Do Sh*t"
    That's effing brilliant.

    How about "Don't give 100%. Give 95% with a +/-5% margin of error."



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