Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Healthy Romance Novels

Dreaming of You (and Cupcakes) by Dixon Hand

A Yearning for Calorie-Burning by Ben Down

Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry You Ate The Entire Wedding Cake by Emmerson Niceuns 

Minimizing My Waistline, Maximizing My Manhood by B.A. Ware

Moonlight & Moon Pies by Amanda Lay

Ravishing Radishes by Sharon A. Burger

The Mistress Who Liked Fitness by Helen Bed 

Kegels & Kettlebells by Phil McAvity 

Naked Zumba by Seymour Bush

Sweet Awakening by Candy Barr

Fryer Desire by Chris P. Bacon

A Kiss Before Dieting by Sheila Blige

Lat’s Do It by Arya Reddy

A Fetish for Lettuce by Bess Eaton

Toss My Salad by May Ann Naze

Nice Snatch! A Kettlebell Love Story by Mona Little-Moore

Loving Myself At Any Size by Ty Malone

The Horny Personal Trainer by Pat McCann

Check Out That Hot Piece of Kale by Olive Hoyl

The Coquette Who Loved Croquettes by Corey Ander

Raw Almondisiacs by Dan Saul Knight

Flirt ‘til You Hurt by Randy Guy

Carnal Tunnel Syndrome by Dixie Normous

Inner Thigh Stretches by Mike Rotch

Lighten My Loins by Neil Down

100-Calorie Arousal by Matt Tress


  1.'m going to need to show this to the people at my box, they will get a kick out of it. Lol. You, sir, are a genius!

  2. I suppose the minimalist man goes about Maximizing his Manhood by taking those pills they advertise on late night TV?



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