Monday, October 6, 2014

Tip of the Healthberg

• Put a one-million-watt light bulb in your fridge so that it blinds you and you can't find anything to snack on.

 Dancing burns enough calories that it more than makes up for embarrassment when someone comes up and says, "Are you okay? Should I call 911?"

 One way to get a free gym membership is to be really, really good at counterfeiting money.

 Instead of eating a tube of cookie dough, how about eating a tube of broccoli cookie dough?

 A simple way to drink more water is to use a cup.

 Small changes can reap big rewards; for example, cutting back to a six-pack of beer every night instead of a case saves nearly 19,000 calories per week

 Kale. Anything with kale.

 Horseback riding is an excellent workout (well, for the horse, I mean).


  1. um
    I may just be tired but the BULB BLINDING? made me laugh out loud.

  2. If food has made it all the way to my fridge without being eaten then it has gone there to die. I think highlighting the details of that death under harsh light could be disrespectful.



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