Friday, May 30, 2014

Stress Relief Tips for the Incredibly Rich

• Screaming at your housekeeper fill you with anxiety? Hire a Personal Screamer to do it for you.

• Get a massage while listening to classical music being played by a string quartet where the musicians are each getting a massage while wearing earphones and listening to classical music.

• Have a cup of chamomillion tea.

• A simple balloon filled with diamonds makes an effective stress ball.

• Money problems got you worried? Considering a modest withdrawal from your trust fund.

• Kids driving you crazy? Give them $1,000 each to leave you alone for a couple of hours while you take a nap.

• They say that being active outdoors can reduce stress, so walk around your estate and check on how the gardeners are doing.

• Stressed out because you’re worried that you can’t take it all with you when you die? Well, what about a SOLID-GOLD COFFIN?


  1. "Check on how the gardeners are doing..." About spit coffee all over on that one...

  2. I work for uber-rich peoples, so I'm LMAO right now. ahhhahahahahaaaa!!

  3. If my boss walked around his entire estate that would be the end of him. We would never find him again and the rescue dogs would get pooped out. He has recently gotten into flipping houses in his neighborhood but he never gets past the arguing with the architect phase so he owns 3 estates so far.



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