Thursday, May 22, 2014

Orange is the New Jack

"Obesity can be a prison." 

That's the premise of the new show I'm pitching to the folks at Netflix.

It'll star some of the biggest names in  healthy living blogging...

Me, 'cuz I thought it up.

 Mamavation's Leah Segedie because she thinks I'm hee-larious.

 Brooklyn Fit Chick's Margo 'cuz she retweets me tweets so much.

Monica from Run Eat Repeat 'cuz... ummmm... just 'cuz she's a redhead.

 Healthy Tipping Point's Caitlin 'cuz she's too nice to sic her lawyers on me. Right? RIGHT?

 Carla 'cuz she makes everybody feel special.

 Priorfatgirl Jen 'cuz she's good people.

 Roni 'cuz maybe she won't get so mad when the diet pill companies steal this pic for their "before" pics. 

Yum Yucky's Josie 'cuz she be crazy funny.
Dr. Oz 'cuz he's rockin' that porn 'stache!

So... c'mon, Netflix - let's make this happen!


  1. bahwahahaaaaa! OM efffing gawsh!! This is some funny shizz, Jack. I'm looking mighty ghettolicious in that pic.

  2. Great job on this, Jack - still chuckling!

  3. Great Cast! Sure to be up for multiple Emmy Awards. Will add it to my DVR list. Thanks producer Jack!

  4. Your casting director is brilliant.

  5. LOL! So funny! Season 2 just started!

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