Monday, May 19, 2014

It’s Time to Lose Weight or Diet Trying

Honesty time: I often give a half-ass effort with my weight-loss endeavors.

Surprisingly, this leads to even wholer-ass results.

I don't know how it goes for you, but I seem to either be in a be-good groove or a be-bad one.

When I'm good, I look at every bite as an opportunity to fuel my engine for another fat-burning frenzy.

When I'm bad, I take an amnesia-tic mindset:  What? Huh? Who me? Chips are high in salt and fat?

There are folks out there (and I envy them) who can surf the healthy-living waves with sure feet and precise balance.

Me? I do it with arms flailing and my piggies all over the board.

Do I wish it were easier?

Of course.

Do I need to do better?

Of course.

Can I do this?

Lord, I hope so…

No, wait…. I’d like to change my answer.



  1. I think you said it best in one of your previous posts, sliding backwards happens gradually and not all at once.

    Life happens and sometimes while it happens, we get distracted and lose a bit of footing.

    You have been an inspiration to many and I think you'll find your footing back on top again! :)


  2. AT least you do not give up entirely which is so important!!! You are lighter than when you originally started so always good & you keep on trying - good!



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