Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More Cookbooks That Probably Shouldn't Be on Your Shelf

• The Wokking Dead Ultimate Zombie Cookbook

•  Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese (Who Am I to Diss a Brie?)

• Healthier, Schmelthier!

• Shake, Shake, Shake - Cooking With Too Much Salt!

• It's About Time - 15-Minute Dinners Using Only Expired & Out-of-Date Ingredients

• Kenmore Cook More Cookbook - How to Turn Your Dryer into a Slow Cooker

• Rooting Tootin' Extra Gluten

• S'more Than Enough: 1,000 S'mores Recipes

• Recipes with So Much Butter Paula Deen Looked at Them and Said "Dayummmm!"

• Let's Go Crisco! - The Fry-That-Bitch-Up Cookbook


  1. Love these!

    And how about: Let's Get High with HFCS! Cooking with High Fructose Corn Syrup, or Transfat Treats!

  2. "Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese (Who Am I to Diss a Brie?)"
    Thank you, I've been singing that song with these alternative lyrics since reading this.
    Fantastic list...



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