Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do Your Chins Hang Low?

Do your chins hang low?
Do they wobble to and fro?
Do you have a turkey neck?
Can you knead ‘em like bread dough?
Do they make you say “Oh dear-a!”
When you look into a mirror?
Do your chins hang low?

Do your sides hang wide?
Do they flap from side to side?
Does your belly kinda flop?
Do you have a muffin top?
One of the low-waisted types?
Do you look real bad in stripes?
Do your sides hang wide?

Is the weight coming down?
Have you quit messing around?
Are you starting to eat less?
Are you making good progress?
Are you starting to believe it,
That you really can achieve it?
Is the weight coming down?


  1. do kids still sing this?!
    I shall teach mine this morning...YOUR VERSION.

  2. ROFLMAO omg that is hilarious!!!!!


    Do you mind if I link to it one day on my blog?

  3. Love it! You always make me sing out loud.

  4. After overhearing a personal trainer slating WW for a 6% success rate I thought ' that can't be true' and I was looking on line about it, boy it made for some depressing reading... so your post was just what I needed to pick me up again, thank you!

  5. Do my laughs sound loud?
    Do my comments join the crowd?
    Are guffaws always allowed
    or do they make others feel cowed?
    Are you funny in real life
    Or cause your teens and wife strife?
    Yes, my laughs are loud!

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