Thursday, September 6, 2012

They Call Me Gluten Pete

They call me Gluten Pete,
I’m the king of all things wheat.

When I play my breadbox I go, 

Bread bready boom, bread bready boom.

Yes sir, I’m Gluten Pete.
Without me no meal is complete.

When I shake my buns everything goes,

Bread bready boom, bread bready boom


The senorita, like the chips with margarita
It’s very sweet, this wheaty treat,

And when they eat it they begin a happy grin so satisfying

Munchin’ a chip, smothered in dip.

So if you like wheat to eat,
Take a lesson from Gluten Pete,

And I’ll teach you to bread bready boom, bread bready boom.

They call me Gluten Free,
I’m the queen of the no-wheat treat
When I crack a snack, nothing goes

Bread bready boom, bread bready boom.

Excuse me, gluten dude, (yes ma’am)
I’m chasin’ gluten outta all my food.

I feel better when my diet’s not going

Bread bread bready boom, bread bready boom


Si, Gluten Free-a,
I know that you will miss the bready boom chicky.

Eat every crumb, so full of yum.
But with or without the wheat,
We’ll just agree to disagree.

When you’re gluten-free, just more for me.
Ai yi yi!


Ten pound loss in one day! (yes, it's because
I wrote down number wrong yesterday;
why can't you let me have my little victories?)


  1. Gluten is Latin for "glue"... GLUE. Who here wants to willingly eat glue? Debbie Goldstein used to in 3rd grade, well, she was 'encouraged' to do so; but I think she liked it. Other than her, anyone?

  2. :-)! Sorry I called you out yesterday - hey, I did not want you to have to lose that all over again! ;-)

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  4. I don't much like carbs. But what really helps me maintain is your blog, Jack, and great posts like this.

    I'm glad you're back to feeling better.

  5. Oh I wish I didn't love bread so much....



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