Sunday, September 30, 2012

Totter Time

Overweight people hate the teeter totter.

I suppose it goes back to grade school days when we got on one end and six or seven kids got on the other end and it would somehow magically balance out.

For me, blogging has been kind of like a playground seesaw lately. Some days I focus on my own weight loss issues, but most days I just try to bring the funny with some (borderline) health-related nonsense.

And–surprise, surprise–my ass seems grounded on the silly side of the contraption. I haven't given up on my goals, but–frankly–I haven't been very serious about them either.

It's not the best feeling in the world, teetering on the edge of nowhere.

Life is balance.

Time to totter.


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  1. Many of us teeter back and forth when it comes to our health goals. For me it equates to being "good " or "bad". If I exercise and eat well I've been good, if not, well, you know the feeling. I have to say I've been a lot more motivated after finding your blog. Its been good for me to be able to add some humor to what for me was an epic battle. I had been so focused on the struggle I couldn't find humor in anything. Now I try to exercise and eat healthy but I remember to enjoy the little things and to laugh when I can. Life is too short for anything else.

    1. Thanks, Kim. I think humor is a vital component in this dealio, too, simply because it's such a long tough road (longer and tougher for some of us than others, but long and tough enough for anybody). Laughter isn't just the best medicine; it's the best multi-vitamin!

  2. count me in as a player on the playground

  3. my first morning back to blogger land and I find you still making people laugh:) Jack, you know what you gotta do to lose the 20lbs you've gained since i've been gone - funny (not in a ha ha way, in a "oh crap" way) I have also gained 20lbs in that time.

    So, time for both of us to get our arses off the teeter totter and try and swing off some monkey bars!! Or, in my case, walk to the park at least:)

    thanks for sticking around through ups and made my day to see you were still bloggin' it up!

  4. I have been waiting for this post! I have been reading old posts from a blogger and there are comments from you doing a nice job of kicking his ass with love. I like the humor...but I LOVE posts like this. Getting real, putting it on the line and gutting it out. Bravo, Jack! Time to todder

  5. There must be something in the air. Late last night I decided to start yet another attempt at the whole healthy living blogging thing ( .... and tomorrow I face the scale ....

  6. Absolutely love the silliness, but looking forward to seeing what comes out of you once you totter too.

  7. I think sometimes it's just about teeter tottering up and down a bit and just finding that balance and holding on for awhile. Nothing wrong with enjoying the funny and finding the humor in life :) When we do look back we sure don't want to be remembered for how much we weighed and you sure will be remembered for way better things. Just keep your head up and don't drink to much and fall off that teeter totter wouldn't want you cracking your head and losing your funny :)

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  9. I laugh all the parks around here have REMOVED THE TEETER because of law suits!



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