Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fifty Shades Fatter

Cold and closed off, that is what Ken is to me now.

Once he provided me everything my heart desired, but now I question how much of it was ever about my heart and how much was just more primal urgings.

Ken would always give me what I wanted, sometimes on the couch, more often than not right there on the kitchen table. I was insatiable, and Ken... that cold-hearted bastard... knew it.

From the start, I understood that Ken was bad news. At all hours of the day and night he would tempt me, tease me. He had what I wanted... and I blamed him for the overpowering hold he had on me.

It’s been a hard lesson, but I’ve finally learned that what you really are is an empty shell. All you have to offer is what I give you.

Damn you, Kenmore. I always thought it was you, but it was all on me all along…

Things aren't always in black and white, after all.

Miss the first installment? You need a spanking!


  1. crap
    this mghtcould be what gets me to skim that book :-)
    I BARELY know what it's about...

  2. Brilliant, as usual!

  3. hey Mr Mr :)
    I did an interview for Re*body weight loss web site and I mentioned you as a reason I started blogging :)


  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. HAHA that is awesome! and so true!



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