Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Not-So-Little Mermaid

The muscles are always leaner

On somebody else's bod.

You dream about being like that,

But that’s where your thinking’s flawed.
Don’t let all your fat confound you

Right here on your weight-loss war.
Put healthy habits around you.
You’ll find what you lookin' for.



Darling, it's better

When you’re a sweat-sweater.
Take it from me.
Some of the folks, they eat all day.

They don’t care nothin’
‘Bout what they weigh.

While they be bitin',

We all keep dietin’.


Right here all the folks is healthy.
Exercisin’ and in a groove.

Folks on the other side ain't healthy.

They sad; they can barely move.

The food in they bowl is junky.

They in for a worser fate.
They spend they whole life hungry,
And got too much on they plate.



Order the pizza
Tho it defeats ya.
Way too grease-y!

Healthier not to weigh a ton.

Obesity, we don’t want none.

Don’t be a quitter.

Time to get fitter.



No need to cheat here.

Good food to eat here

We eat right, work out each day.
We know good health is here to stay.

We got the spirit.
No need to fear it.



  1. Jack, you amaze me! Hilarious. I just found your blog recently via, and you are an important source of inspiration and merriment to me. I've started going through your archive as I lose weight slowly, and it's helping me to see that indeed, progress can be made -- even long term. Thanks for all that you do!

  2. Do you create these poem up yourself? They are amazing. I am enjoying all of your blog post.



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