Monday, November 7, 2011

Getting Ready for Your Trip to Italy

There are so many things to do before you set out for your Italian vacation that chances are you’ve already started too late, even if your trip isn’t for several years in the future.

Don’t fret! Seeing as how I just got back from two weeks in Italy, I can provide you with everything you need to know before you go.

Follow this handy checklist and you’ll be more than ready to make your dream vacation a reality.

Be rich. Trust me, you will enjoy your trip to Italy much more if you have scads of disposable income.

Learn some Italian. Follow my lead: purchase a 75-cd set in order to learn how to say “hello” in Italian.

Call your credit card companies. Be sure and notify your credit card company that you’re going on a fabulous trip overseas; a jealous low-paid customer service rep working in a dimly lit cubicle probably won’t get jealous and turn off your card in the middle of your vacation.

Make sure you have a passport. Forget to get one? You can make your own with some blue construction paper and a picture cut out of your high school yearbook.

Get a power converter. European electrical sockets look like a snake bite. A travel converter can easily turn ghastly European power into electricity just like God meant for it to be.

Bring a backpack to carry your cash and valuables around in.
Note: this tip was sponsored by the EPPA (European Pick-Pocketers Association).

Have the kind of spouse that is good at planning trips.
I think that just goes without saying…


  1. Wow! I have a lot to do. The only thing on your list that I presently have is a backpack. I don't think it matters, since the first item on the list appears to be unobtainable unless I hit the lottery.

  2. All very good tips indeed. I especially like Be Rich.

  3. How much weight did you lose in Italy? I lost six pounds in my two weeks there and I ate everything in sight! I think it was all of the walking. Or it might have been all of the wine. Probably, it was the walking.

    I did notify my bank I was going to Italy and on about day four, my account got suspended for suspicious use. Gah!

  4. These are really good and practical tips you have here. All are so going to be helpful! Pretty exciting! - italy vacation

  5. Darn you! I spit my coffee onto my computer when I read the tip on buying the 75 cd set. Best laugh of the week!



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