Monday, November 28, 2011

The Crazy Adventure Getting to Florence

For the next few days, Jack Sh*t is chronicling his adventures on his recent trip to Italy as well as including tips to help you plan your own international travel. It is his special way of saying "Nanna nanna boo boo, I went to Italy!" to all his loyal readers.

Crap! We forgot to have a crazy adventure getting from Venice to Florence. What’s the deal with that? Doesn't Italy know I have a travel blog I need to make more entertaining?

But nooooooooo… my wife Anita and I simply take the waterbus from our hotel straight to the train station, buy a ticket from an actual person and have seats sitting right beside each other. This is gonna be the worst post ever!

We make it to Florence and make the 11-minute walk to the hotel in just over 20 minutes. It’s our personal best!

We’re right down the street from the Duomo (The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore) and a massive hoard of tourists but we’ve made it here with our luggage and at least some of our money.


  1. we neeeed more photos of you two.
    photos of you two.
    please please?

  2. Florence is my most favourite place in the whole world, have a fabulous time, remember to go and see David.

  3. We could look out our hotel room window to the left and see the Duomo.
    And the tourists.
    It's like we're taking this trip together.



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