Friday, June 19, 2015

The Ultimate Healthy Father's Day Gift Guide

• Fitbit necktie

• Wallet made of beef jerky

• Conversion kit that turns his favorite recliner into an elliptical

• Belt with vitamin dispenser

• Tie made of kale

• Kettlebell made from Civil War cannonball

• No-wheel lawn mower

• Soup-on-a-rope

• Manual weedwhacker that works by simply spinning it around really, really fast

• Deer-antler helmet to wear hunting (encourages lots of movement)

• Set of wheatgrass shot glasses

• Subscription to his favorite blog * hint hint *


  1. No wheel lawn mower?! Hover mower? I'd think twice before buying one of those in most cases!

  2. Dragging that no wheel lawn mower sounds like a plan.

  3. Hope your kids bought all of these for you!

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