Friday, February 20, 2015

New Wearable Fitness Solutions

• Socks that send you an email letting you know exactly how stinky your feet are.

 Pants with thigh patches that light up when you eat pie to show you where those extra calories are eventually going to wind up.

 Belt buckle that magnetically repels refrigerator door and stops you from being able to open it.

 Bracelet that dispenses a Skittle if your blood sugar gets too low or if you really feel like a Skittle.

 Cap that features a hat-rate monitor.

 iThong, which sends message to your phone letting you know whether or not you should be wearing a thong.

 Leg warmers that force you to riverdance for five minutes once per hour.

 Ring that emits piercing whistle any time you attempt to order at a fast-food drive-thru window.

 Scarf that doubles as an elliptical.

 Leopard-print robe that monitors exactly how freakin’ sexy you are in a leopard-print bathrobe. Raaaawwwwrrrrr!


  1. "Leg warmers that force you to riverdance" Otherwise known as those massaging nylons I had that I stupidly kept washing and putting back in the drawer. They were fine until you got warmed up at all and then the itching was unbearable!!

  2. I am trying to imagine a scarf that doubles as an elliptical...

  3. Great list. Surely one of these can be turned into an actual thing. I'm thinking the Riverdancing Legwarmers might be possible. Let's get R&D on this, stat and invest our life savings into its development. #risktaker #riverdancer #mightwork An Riverdance instructional video might be a nice accompaniment for this product.



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