Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Celebrate No-Fat Tuesday

• Jog topless and catch beads thrown at you.

• Eat a slice of a King (Rice)Cake.

• Move your azz to some jazz.

• Drink a Hurrican’t (that’s a “Hurricane” without the rum, juice or syrup).

• Wear a mask to the gym (come to think of it, that’s a good idea anytime… who is that guy that never wipes his sweat off the elliptical?).

• Make a voodoo doll of yourself and then make it do 100 crunches

• Have my famous “bean-ignet” (benignets made from heart-healthy pinto beans)

• Jump over puddles of vomit on Bourbon Street.

• Don’t do any of the stuff you normally do to celebrate Mardi Gras.


  1. That voodoo doll idea is brilliant! You need a kickstarter campaign. All our weight troubles are over.

  2. Great Post and nice article.Thanks for sharing.



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