Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Even More Things That’ll Get You Kicked Out of Whole Foods

• Loudly freaking out when you notice that a bottle of corn syrup contains high-fructose corn syrup.

• Trying to put a piece of fresh salmon through the coffee grinder.

• Getting on the intercom and singing a medley of Justin Beiber songs.

• Parking your car in the frozen food section.

• Proclaiming yourself the “High Priest of the Church of Exotic Cheeses” and eating a tenth of the contents of the cheese bin as your tithe.

• Attempting to pay for your groceries with Confederate money.

• Setting up stalks of celery in the produce depart and then practicing your “Cantaloupe Bowling”

• “Sampling” your weight in organic grapes.

• Tying six carts together and charging other customers for rides on the “Whole Foods Choo-Choo”.

• Standing at the door and handing out print-outs of your blog post “Even More Things That’ll Get You Kicked Out of Whole Foods”.


  1. Namaste
    I hate Whole Foods unless I want "healthy" cakes and cookies with real butter, real sugar, and really high calorie counts. Yum


  2. 1. Water his might sound silly, but always have some cold water on hand. Get yourself a pitcher or something that you can keep water in the ice box.

    2. Milk. You should always have some low fat milk on hand. Cereal in the morning is a great way to get a good easy meal.

    3. Fruit. Always have some fruit on hand. It is great for snacking. You can eat fruit and instead of potato chips.

    4. Carrots. These are great for snacking. Just add some low fat dip and you have a snack that will rival any deep fried snacks.

    5. Peanut butter. This is a great way to get some protein without having to worry about the fat. Use it on your toast for breakfast instead of butter.

    6. Eggs. You need these for baking and other specialties. Also they are great for a protein filled breakfast.

    7. Yogurt. This is great for hot summer days. You can make tons of drinks out of this. Also, it is great with chicken. You should learn a bit about Indian cooking for more ways to use yogurt. Indians love yogurt and eat it often.

    8. Butter. You shouldn't suck on butter like you do a lollipop. But, butter is a must for baked goods. Also, fried eggs taste great cooked in butter.

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