Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Healthy Living Regrets from Last Year

• Nasty knot in laces of my running shoes kept me from participating in any 5K races.

• Haven’t been able to locate an exact duplicate of myself so that we can split a gym membership.

• Wife won’t let me make my “Healthy Kale Casserole” anymore because (1) it uses an entire block of Velvetta cheese and (2) it doesn’t have any kale in it.

• Didn’t complete my quest to be able to do 25 chin-ups at one time (still holding at “almost one”)

• Made a personal trainer laugh, cry and vomit all during one session.

• Signed up for spinning class, but went to wrong room (just a bunch of people riding bicycles).

• Discount food-tracking app I downloaded counted gallon of banana pudding as 15 calories.

• According to Google Analytics, the Pope still doesn’t read my blog.


  1. Well, I have had both Jim Harbaugh AND David Beckham 'like' Tweets of mine in the past week, so I'm riding pretty high myself, at the moment. LOL

    Happy New Year!

  2. I had that first one as well. Damn knot.



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