Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Healthy Living Achievements for 2014

• Can still wear the same sweatpants I got married in over 25 years ago.

• Joined a fitness center (now if I could just remember which one it was…)

• Started taking the stairs at the office instead of making an intern give me a piggy-back ride up them.

• Ruined a couple of fun camping outings by hiking.

• Switched from drinking regular to diet sno-cone syrup.

• Went to an all-you-can-eat buffet and didn’t eat all I could eat.

• Finally got my wife Anita to quit saying I do “girl push-ups”. I TOLD YOU, THEY’RE “LADY PUSH-UPS!”

• Made my own water bottle by… ummm… okay, I just filled a bottle with water.

• Celebrated fact that my blog was read by millions of people over the past year (well, I’m just assuming… I forgot my Google Analytics password).


  1. Happy New Year, Jack! All the best for 2015!!!

  2. Happy New Year, sir! 2015 is the year I finally get my sexy back.

    Peace ~ Bear



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