Monday, December 8, 2014

Healthy Traditions for the Holidays

• Christmas caroling combined with 10K run

• Egg-substitute nog

• Banana Claus!

• Kale cut into Christmas cookie shapes

• Jingle kettlebells

• Fruitcake that doesn’t have any cake in it

• Mistletoe salad

• Raw nutcracker

• Eight maids a’lifting

• Nativity scene includes Wise Men on treadmills

• Kickboxing Day

• Gingerbread house made from melba toast, hummus and kalamata olives

• Insert your own "Hide the Pickle" joke here

• Leave plate of celery sticks and carrots for Santa

• Three sets of Poinsettia-Ups

• Gather the family in the living room for It’s A Wonderful Workout


  1. MOVING!!
    I like to move :-) during the holidays each year so Im sure to get some exercise.

  2. Jingle Kettleball. You may have something there. LOL

  3. Just stopping by, haven't been by your part of the blogosphere in too long. :)

  4. Glad you are still writing Jack. Off to do some Poinsettia-Ups!



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