Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More, More, More Healthy Valentine's Day Gifts

• An aphrodisiac that also contains acidophilus

• Heart-shaped box of salad

• A no-piece swimsuit

• Chocolate-covered fish oil capsules

• Side-by-side sit-ups while listening to Ravel’s Balero

• Really raw pumpkin seeds

• Jeweled heart-rate monitor

• Cute stuffed teddy bear that, when you pull string in the back, shrieks at you with Jillian’s voice to do push-ups

• Dinner and a movie and a half-marathon

• Strip tease while doing elliptical


  1. Heart shaped carrots? The most disgusting vegetable known to man warped into the cutest shape. What kind of a monster are you? Although when I was a kid this would have made an epic food fight. Flying hearts. Mom I'm just sharing my love!

  2. Mmmmm. Chocolate covered fish oil sounds gooooood...

  3. I have a gun and would SHOOT that teddy bear!

  4. I would have to test the limits of the current gun control laws on that teddy bear

  5. That elliptical thing sounds like a good me.

  6. You're hysterical! Still trying to figure out how to not fall flat on my face doing a striptease on an elliptical!

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  9. My gun is also for hire on structured settlement spammers, if you should need the service. Just sayin'

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